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Tasare's Wrist

My sexy fanfics

4 October
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Hi! This is my (mostly porn) fanfic blog, also mostly about Repo at the moment.

But I also find myself making a lot of new friends on this journal, which is awesome, I love talking to people. So some things I find myself telling the new people I meet. I am Jess (Tasare or TheSuperPet on the internets) and I was born in 1987. I am married to and collared to some dude who is addicted to video games, but I love him because he tells me the cookies I bake are good, even when they are not. I have an adorable little girl who was born in May 2007 who has an eye condition called ONH which makes her legally blind, but she is doing totally awesome and is the best kid ever. (and not just because she shouts "GRAAAVES"). I stay home with her all week, but on the weekends I work at a nursing home, playing bingo and doing singalongs with the best group of old folks in New England! Also, being from New England, I use the word "wicked" instead of "very" a lot. I try not to but it usually comes out. Sorry.
I love new friends, and talking to people that I have common interests with.

For the Kink Meme I am always talking about: http://midnight-united.livejournal.com/419562.html

Also, I own none of the fandoms I write about, so don't sue me!

I love comments and almost always take advice on how to make my stuff better, so criticize away!

My current motto is advice given my my high school journalism teacher (an awesome guy, and a Trekkie!) "Show, don't tell" But I'm lazy so I don't always follow that. Ah, there I go again! why don't you read some fics so you can see it for yourself?

My favorite fics that other people wrote. I need to pimp them because they are AWESOME
Punish Me- http://midnight-united.livejournal.com/419562.html?thread=4068586#t4068586
Rotti/Shilo- http://midnight-united.livejournal.com/419562.html?thread=3453418#t3453418
Shilo/Largos- http://midnight-united.livejournal.com/419562.html?thread=3698154#t3698154
Grilo- http://midnight-united.livejournal.com/419562.html?thread=3359978#t3359978
Servent Girl- http://midnight-united.livejournal.com/419562.html?thread=4821738#t4821738
Singing in the Rain http://twistomatic.livejournal.com/419562.html?thread=3945450#t3945450
Ages by PinkTeaCozy http://community.livejournal.com/repofiction/27719.html
A Girl's Got to Do what a Girl's got to do by Carmela_Largo: http://carmela-largo.livejournal.com/662.html
Entertaining Nathan- http://twistomatic.livejournal.com/419562.html?thread=4921322#t4921322
And anything by FineSharpEdge http://finesharpedge.livejournal.com/ he is awesome.

And this is my Repo! Genetic Archive Profile. http://repo.fan-fix.com//viewuser.php?uid=61 I wish more people were on that site.